Thursday 31 March 2016

Instant Payment Notification paypal

Instant Payment Notification paypal

Question: What is IPN?
IPN is a message service by paypal that notifies you regarding PayPal transactions.

Question: What is full form of IPN?
Full form of IPN is Instant Payment Notification.

Question: For what type of transactions, paypal send notification?
  1. Instant payments (including Express Checkout payments, direct credit card payments, and calls made to the Adaptive Payments API)
  2. eCheck payments (status pending, completed, and denied)
  3. Pending payments
  4. Authorizations
  5. Recurring payments and subscription payment actions
  6. Chargebacks, disputes, reversals, and refunds associated with different transactions

Question: From where I can send IPN online?
(for this, First you MUST set IPN URL in your account)

Question: Give me URL of IPN Simulator?
(for this, First you MUST set IPN URL in your account and that must be https URL)

Question: Can I test IPN Simulator in local system?
No, You can't.

Question: Where I can set IPN URL?
Login to Merchant Account => Merchant Services => Instant payment notifications (click on link)
Direct Link for Sandbox:
Direct Link for Paypal:

Question: In PayNow Form, Can i set IPN URL? If yes, how?
Yes, you can set.
<input name="notify_url" type="hidden" value="" />       

Question: What is Full form of PDT?
Full form of PDT is PayPal Payment Data Transfers.

Question: What is PDT? and What is use of PDT?
PDT is for notification similar to IPN.

Question: How PDT is different from IPN?
With PDT you get the notification instantly and can do any additional processing required and show the user a confirmation page.
Whereas IPN you are guaranteed to be notified that the payment was received even computer get crash after payments.

Question: From where i can view the IPN History?