Friday 1 April 2016

Ajax Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher

Ajax Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher

Question: What are the advantages of AJAX?
  1. Quick Response.
  2. Quick Response without loading page.
  3. Save the Bandwidth
  4. Client Server Interaction what user letting know (User will not get disturb)

Question: What are the dis Advantages of AJAX?
  1. Dependency on JavaScript.
  2. An simple js error, Ajax will not called.
  3. Security issues Might comes, if not implemented securely.
  4. Difficult in Debugging for beginner
  5. Sometimes browser compatibility issues comes.

Question: What are top website, who uses Ajax?
  1. Youtube
  2. Google
  3. Bing
  4. Gmail
  5. Twitter
  6. Linkdin

Question: What are security issues in AJAX?
  1. Ajax is visible in browser console
  2. Request, Response, header and cookie are visiable in browser console.
  3. Every time called ajax is purely visiable in Ajax
  4. An Ajax request can be called by hackers OR unauthorized, It can damage the website if there are not properly security checks
  5. Attackers can try the ajax call with different request parameter.

Question: What are the technologies used by AJAX?
  1. Javascript
  2. XMLHttpRequest
  4. DOM
  5. You can also use third party libaraies like jQuery, mootools etc

Question: What are common AJAX Framework?
  1. jQuery
  2. MooTools
  3. Prototype
  4. YUI
  5. Dojo Toolkit
  6. Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Question:What are Ajax applications?
The web applicable which use the more ajax calls are ajax application.

Question: What are different stage of XMLHttpRequest?
  1. 0: request not initialized
  2. 1: server connection established
  3. 2: request received
  4. 3: processing request
  5. 4: request finished and response is ready

Question: In Ajax call, which method is more secure GET/Post?
POST is more secure as compare to Get Method.

Question: Can anyone send ajax request with POST Method ?
Yes, can send using CURL.

Question: What is the difference between JavaScript and AJAX? JavaScript an object-oriented computer programming language used in web browsers.
Ajax is set of web development techniques using JavaScript to send/receive the data from server without loading page.

Question: What is Asynchronous in Ajax?
We can set the Asynchronous value as true OR false.

Ajax request execute independently, Its response can come earlier than other request which is execute later .
Ajax request does not execute independently, Its response can comes when earlier request finished.

Question: How to submit entire form data with Ajax?
//serialize ajax Data
var formData = $('form#formId').serialize();
        url: '/my/site',
         data: formData,
         type: 'post',
         success: function(result) {

Question:Give a simple example of JSONP with Ajax?
$.getJSON("", function(result){
   //Now result have response of ajax call