Tuesday 15 September 2015

Apache Interview Questions and Answers

Apache Interview Questions and Answers

Question: What is Apache?
Apache is Web server application.

Question: What is use of Apache in Web Server?
Apache's role is all about communication over networks, and it uses the TCP/IP protocol (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol which allows devices with IP addresses within the same network to communicate with one another).

Question: From where Apache names comes?
The name "Apache" derives from the word "patchy" that the Apache developers used to describe early versions of their software development.

Question: What are feature of Apache?
Following are modules supported by Apache
  • mod_access, 
  • mod_auth, 
  • mod_digest, 
  • mod_auth_digest
  • Secure Sockets Layer 
  • Transport Layer Security support (mod_ssl), 
  • proxy module (mod_proxy)
  • URL rewriter (mod_rewrite)
  • custom log files (mod_log_config)
  • mod_ext_filter.

Question: Is Apache opensource?
Yes, It is

Question: Who is Initial Author of Apache?
Robert McCool

Question: In which language Apache is written?
'C' Language

Question: What is offical website of Apache?

Question: Do I need Programming Skills to install Apache in my system?
No, You need not.