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Magento interview questions and answers for experienced

Magento interview questions and answers for experienced

Question: What is Magento?
Magento is an e-commerce platform created on open source technology, which provides online merchants with an exceptional flexibility. Magento is CMS which control content, look and functionality of their e-commerce store. It is one of the best CMS known for ecommerce website.

Question: What architecture is used by Magento?
MVC which means Model-View-Controller.

Question: What are the different edition of Magento?
  1. Magento Community Edition
  2. Magento Enterprise Edition
  3. Magento Professional Edition
  4. Magento .go

Question: What are the different features of Magento?
  1. User Management
  2. Customer Management
  3. Product Management
  4. Order Management
  5. Payment Management
  6. Site Management
  7. Search engine optimization
  8. International Support

Question: How we can enhance the Magento performance?
  1. Disable the Magento log
  2. Disable any un-used modules
  3. Magento Caching
  4. Enable Gzip compression
  5. Optimize your image
  6. Optimize your Server
  7. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  8. USE Gzip Components
  9. Put Stylesheets at the Top (CSS Files in head tag)
  10. Put Scripts at the Bottom (Js files in footer)
  11. Avoid CSS Expressions (e.g 100/2)


Question: Which technology does mangento use?
Zend Framework (PHP), MySQL/MySQLI, CSS, javaScript and HTML

Question:In Which language, mangento is written?

Question:What is initial Release date of magento?
March 31, 2008

Question:What is initial Release date of magento?
Version: Dated May 1, 2015

Question: What type of web application we create in Magento?
Shopping Cart Software

Question: What is the difference between Mage::getSingletone() and Mage::getModel() in Magento?
Mage::getSingletone(): finds for an existing object if not then create that a newobject but Mage::getModel() always creates a new object.

Question: What is EAV in Magento?
Full form of EAV is Entity–attribute–value model.
EAV is a data model to data model to describe entities.
In EAV data are stored in different smaller tables rather than storing in a single table.
For Example
Product name is stored in catalog_product_entity_varchar table.
Product id is stored in catalog_product_entity_int table.
Product price is stored in catalog_product_entity_decimal table.

Question: How does Magento ORM works?
ORM full form is Object Relational Mapping.
ORM is a programming technique which is used to convert different types of data to Objects and vice versa
. ORM is shown as Model (based on Zend Framework’s Zend_Db_Adapter), which further breaks down to two types of Models.
a. simple
b. EAV Model

Question: What is folder/file structure of Magento?
What is folder/file structure of Magento

Question: What are different Modules of Magento?
Core Modules
Community Modules
Commercial Modules

Question:How to add an external javascript/css file in Magento? ?
Add Css File
<action method="addCss"><stylesheet>css/yourstyle.css</stylesheet></action>
Add jS File
<action method="addJs"><script>js/yourfile.js</script></action>

Question: How to change the theme for login user?

Question: How to run Custom Query in Magento ?
$db = Mage::getSingleton('core/resource')-&gt;getConnection('core_write');
$result=$db-&gt;query('SELECT * FROM users where id=4');