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HTML interview questions and Answers

HTML interview questions and Answers

Question: What is full form of HTML?
Hyper Text Markup Language

Question: What is a html tag?
A tag tells the browser what to do with the data. html, body, title, a, ol and b are the most commons tags used in HTML.

Question: How can I include comments in HTML for 1 line and multiple line?
One line comment
<!-- This is a comment. -->
Multiple line comment
This is a comment
This is a comment
This is a comment
. -->

Question: Who is making the Web standards?
The World Wide Web Consortium

Question: What is the difference between XML and HTML?
XML is used for exchanging data, HTML is used to displaying the data in browser.

Question: How can you create an e-mail link?
<a href="mailto:email@domain.com">Email Me </a>

Question: Which html tags make a list that lists the items with numbers?


Question: What is a Hypertext link?
Hypertext link is used to navigate between one page to another page. Navigation can be same OR different website's pages.

Question: How do I center a table in html?
<div class="center">
...<br />
div.center {
text-align: center;

Question: How can I check for errors?

Question: Can I have two or more actions in the same form?
No. you can't

Question: Can I have two or more form in the same page?
Yes, you can add multiple forms in a page.

Question: Is it possible to make the HTML source not viewable?

Question: How can I allow file uploads to my web site?
Use following to html code to display file upload button
<form action="upload.php" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">
File to upload: <input name="upload" type="file" /><br />
<input type="submit" value="Press" /> to upload the file!
Then use server side language to upload file to server.

Question: How do I create a link?
<a href="http://web-technology-experts-notes.in/">Web Technology Experts Notes</a>

Question: Is it possible to make the html source not viewable?
No, you can't.

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