Tuesday 6 January 2015

Backbone Js interview questions and answers

Backbone Js interview questions and answers

Question: What is backbone Js?
It is JavaScript framework which helps to write the code in organize way and reduce the development time by providing lot of inbuilt functions. It also support MVC (Model, View, Controller). Its data binding framework.

Question: What is initial release date of backbone JS?
October 13, 2010

Question: What is current Stable Version and Release date?
1.3.2 / March 12, 2016

Question: In which language, backbone JS is writeen?

Question: What is offical URL of Backbone JS?

Question: What are main components of Backbone Js?
  • Model
  • View
  • controller
  • Router
  • Event class object

Question: What is Model in Backbone JS?
We use Model for retrieves the data from server.

Question: What is View in Backbone JS?
We use View for representation of HTML.

Question: What is controller in Backbone JS?
We use controller for writing application logic.

Question: What is Collection in Backbone JS?
Set of models are represented by collections.

Question: What is Router in Backbone JS?
application want to change their URL fragment.

Question: What is Model in Event class object JS?
events is a module that can be mixed in to any object.

Question: What are the three js files that you require to setup backbone Js?
  • jQuery
  • Backbone
  • Underscore

Question: What is the function of toJSON?
toJSON is used for persistence, serialization and for augmentation before being sent to the server.

Question: What are the configuration options available?
  • InitialCopyDirection
  • modelSetOptions
  • change Triggers
  • boundAttribute
  • suppressThrows
  • converter

Question: What are the keypoints of Backbone?
It has hard dependency with underscore.js to make it more functional and supporting.
With jQuery it has a soft dependency.
When the model changes it can update the HTML of your application automatically.
Significantly clean and elegant way for DOM manipulations and UI updates

Question: What is Backbone.sync?
When Backbone wants to save or read a model to the server it calls out a function called as Backbone.sync