Friday, 28 November 2014

spl_autoload What is spl_autoload function in php

spl_autoload What is spl_autoload function in php

void spl_autoload ( string $class_name [, string $file_extensions = spl_autoload_extensions() ] )
Default implementation for __autoload()
This function is intended to be used as a default implementation for __autoload(). If nothing else is specified and spl_autoload_register() is called without any parameters then this function will be used for any later call to __autoload().
spl_autoload_register() allows you to register multiple functions (or static methods from your own Autoload class) that PHP will put into a stack/queue and call sequentially when a "new Class" is declared.

Following is the example
function loadAutoload($className){
    $path = '/path/to/class';
    include $path.$className.'.php';
$obj = new Zend_Log();

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