Tuesday 31 December 2013

SVN Important Commands

SVN is a software version and revision control system distributed as free software under the Apache. Many companies like Apache Software Foundation, Free Pascal, FreeBSD, GCC, Mono, SourceForge and Google also provides Subversion hosting for their free software projects.

Following are SVN Important Commands

Get the New Checkout, It will get from root folder
$ svn checkout [URL]  

Get the New Checkout, It will get from testfolder
$ svn checkout [URL] [testfolder]  

Get the entire update
$ svn update           

Get the update for testfile.php and testfile.php
$ svn update testfile.php, testfile1.php   

Revert the testfile.php
$ svn update testfile.php

Commit with the Message
$ svn commit - m "message here"

Commit the particular file with Message 
$ svn commit - m "message here" testfile.php

Add a new file
$ svn add testFile1.php
$ svn commit -m "test message" testFile1.php

Remove the existing file
$ svn remove -m "test message" testFile1.php
$ svn commit -m "test message" testFile1.php

SVN Info
$ svn info

Get Help on commit command
$ svn help commit

Get log for a file
$ svn log testFile.php

Get log for particular revisionNumber
$ svn log -r 825

Commit a modification to the file test1.php with the commit message in a file named msg
$ svn commit -F msg test1.php