Monday 30 December 2013

Linux Yum Command Examples – Install, Uninstall, Update Packages, List and Search

Linux Yum Command Examples

Full form of YUM is Yellowdog Updater Modified. It is default package manager, mainly use for installation work.

yum [options] [command] [package]  
yum -y install php
  -Y is option (-y=yes)
  install is command
  php is package

 Install PHP
$ yum install php

Update PHP
yum update php

Remove PHP
$ yum remove  php

Search for a package to be installed
$ yum search php

Show information about package
$ yum info php

Show all available package
$ yum list | less 

Show all installed package
$ yum list installed
$ yum list installed | less    

Install a new software group
$ yum groupinstall 'DNS Server'

Remove new software group
$yum groupremove 'DNS Server'  

Update software group
$ yum groupupdate 'DNS Server' 

List all software group
$ yum grouplist