Thursday 27 April 2017

Azure Blob storage Architecture

 Azure Blob storage

Question: What is Azure Blob storage?
Azure Blob storage is a service that stores unstructured large data in the cloud in form of objects/blob.
Blob storage can store any type of file like image, video OR text etc.
Stored data can be accessed through HTTP or HTTPS.

Question: What is Blob?
It is large file like an image, video or binary data.

Question: Why Blob Storage are used?
  1. Streaming Audio/Video.
  2. Storing data for backup and restore.
  3. Store heavy data like images, audio and videos.
  4. Access the data in browser.
  5. Storing files for distributed access.

Question: What is structure of Blob storage?
An account can have one OR More container.
User can store the data in container.
For Example:
One Account 
    Movies (Container 1)
        movie1.mp4 (Blob data)
        movie2.mp4 (Blob data)
        movie3.mp4 (Blob data)

    videos (Container 2)
        video1.mp4 (Blob data)
        video1.mp4 (Blob data)
        video1.mp4 (Blob data)

    photos (Container 3)
        photo1.jpg (Blob data)
        photo2.jpg (Blob data)
        photo3.jpg (Blob data)
        photo4.jpg (Blob data)

Question: How to get azure client Libraries (using composer)?
  1. 1. Create a folder where you want to download the library.
  2. Install composer (If not) php -r "readfile('');" | php
  3. Create a composer.json (with following data)
       "require": {
         "microsoft/windowsazure": "^0.4"
  4. Download the library with following command.
    php composer.phar install

Question: Give a tutorial from where i can do list/add/update/delete the azure blob data?

Question: In how many programming language code is available?
  1. .NET
  2. Java
  3. Node.js
  4. C++
  5. Python
  6. P?HP
  7. Ruby
  8. iOS
  9. Xamarin

Question: What is mount in linux?
Mounting a filesystem means making the particular filesystem accessible.
When mounting a filesystem it does not matter if the filesystem is a hard disk partition, CD-ROM, floppy, or USB storage device.

Question: Differences between Azure Block Blob and Page Blob?
Block blobs are for your discrete storage objects like jpg's, log files, etc.
Page blobs are for random read/write storage, such as VHD's. Max size 1TB.

Question: What is the maximum length of an Azure blob name?
1024 max character.