Thursday 3 March 2016

Dojo Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher

Dojo Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Question: What is Dojo?
It is JavaScript framework used for rapid development of cross-platform applications and web sites. Also known as Dojo Toolkit.

Question: What is current Stable release of Dojo?
1.10.4 / January 18, 2015

Question: In Which language, Its written?

Question: What is offical website of dojo?

Question: From where I can download dojo?

Question: How to load dojo from CDN?
<script src=""></script>

Question: Is it opensource??
Yes, It is.

Question: What are different section/parts of Dojo library?
  1. dojo: Its core files.
  2. dijit: It have user-interface modules for widgets and layout
  3. dojox: It have assorted module
  4. util: It have tools like optimization, documentation, style-checking and testing.

Question: What are different Advantages of Dojo?
  1. Associative arrays
  2. Objects and classes
  3. Regular expression
  4. Loosely typed variables

Question: What are different Features of Dojo?
  1. Widgets
  2. Asynchronous communication
  3. Packaging system
  4. Client-side data storage
  5. Server-side data storage

Question: What is the basic structure in Dojo?
/index.html - The application entry point.
/app - The application module.
/app/main.js - The main script for app module.

Question: What is Widget Toolkit in Dojo?
Widget is a user interface object that has a layout and HTML+CSS bound by JavaScript. Dojo have widgets like Tabs, sorting table and dialogs etc.

Question: How to use Dojo Editor widget?
<textarea dojotype="textEditorId"> </textarea>

Question: Give some dojo components name?
  1. DOJO Tree
  2. DOJO Button
  3. DOJO Grid
  4. DOJO List box
  5. DOJO Calendar

Question: What is difference between DOJO and jQuery?
DOJO jQuery
JavaScript toolkit or framework JavaScript library
HTML and JavaScript based tool kit supports almost all web languages
Dojo requires higher network bandwidth Works good in low network bandwidth
Good for bigger website and application Good for small application.