Wednesday 16 December 2015

EmberJS Interview Questions and Answers

EmberJS Interview Questions and Answers

Question: What is npm install?
NPM is a NodeJS package manager. It is used to install the node programs.

Question: How to install NPM on windows?
Download MSI from for 32bit|64bit system.

Question: How to update NPM on windows?
npm install npm
Download Latest MSI from for 32bit|64bit system.

Question: How to install Ember using npm?
npm install -g ember-cli

Question: How to get to know the Version of Ember?
ember -v

Question: How to get the Version of node?
node -v

Question: How to create a new project?
ember new my-newproject

Question: How to go inside new project for execute project based commands?
cd my-newproject

Question: What are different commands available in ember-cli?
ember g route about
It will give you list of commands available for Ember.

Question: How to define view.?
   templateName: 'NameOfTemplate',   

Question: How to implement IF,ELSE,NOT in ember handlebar?
{{#unless isValid}}

Question: How to add/Delete data in Array?
//In JS
App.obj = Ember.Object.create({
    "things": Ember.A(["Testing1", "Testing2"])
App.obj.things.pushObject("3"); // Add data

// HTML + Handlebars
{{#with App.obj}}
    {{#each things}}
  • {{this}}
  • {{/each}}

Question: Explain the core concept of EmberJS
  1. Store: It is central repository and cache of all records available in an application. It can be accessed by controller and admin.
  2. Models: A model is a class which defines the data of properties and behavior.
  3. Records: A record is an instance of a model which contains information that is loaded from a server.
  4. Adapter: It is responsible for translating requested records into the appropriate calls t
  5. Serializer: Translating JSON data into a record object.
  6. Automatic Caching:Used for caching

Question: What is Ember-data?
Ember-Data is a library that retrieve records from a server, store them, update them in the browser and save them back to the Server.

Question: What is Application Template?
Application Template have header, footer and contents which display on page. there can be many Template in one application.

Question: What is ember.mixin class?
Ember.mixin class can create objects, whose functions and properties can be shared among other instances and classes.