Tuesday 15 December 2015

Basic Ember js Interview Questions and Answers

Basic Ember js Interview Questions and Answers

Question: What is EmberJS?
It is javasScript framework based on Model-view-controller(MVC) and written in javascript. It allows developers to create scalable single-page web applications by incorporating common idioms.
In this, Route is used as model, template as view and controller manipulates the data in the model.

Question: What is old name of EmberJS?
SproutCore MVC framework

Question: In which language, EmberJS is written?

Question: When First EmberJS was released?
December 08, 2011

Question: When latest EmberJS was released?
November 16, 2015

Question: What is latest version of EmberJS?

Question: Who created EmberJS?
Yehuda Katz

Question: Is it opensource?
Yes, It is free to use.

Question: What is offical website of EmberJS?

Question: What are basic models of EmberJS?
  1. Routes: State of application is represented by URL and each URL has a corresponding route object that.
  2. Models: Use to load data from Server.
  3. Templates: This is html of layout.
  4. Components: It is custom tag.
  5. Services: Services are just singleton objects to hold long-lived data such as user sessions

Question: Why I use EmberJS?
  1. Open source JavaScript framework
  2. Flexible framework that embraces the concept of fast web page
  3. It has smaller size as compare to other library
  4. Data binding Support

Question: What are the Features of EmberJS?
  1. Creating reusable modules
  2. Handlebars Templates
  3. Automatice determines the route and controller during declaration of the route resources
  4. Used routes
  5. Extensive view type support.
  6. Easy to configure

Question: List out main components of Ember.js?
  1. Models
  2. The Router
  3. Controllers
  5. Components
  6. Templates
  7. Helpers

Question: What are different template components in Ember.js?
  1. Partial
  2. View
  3. Render
  4. Yield
  5. Outlet

Question: What controller does in Ember.js?
Decorate the model returned by the route.
It can listen to actions performed by users.

Question: Explain what is Ember-data?
It is a library that retrieve records from a server, store, update in the browser and save them back to the server.

Question: How you can define a new ember class?
use extend () method.

Question: What is Enumerables in Ember.js ?
enumerable is any object that contains a number of child objects, and enables you to work with those children using the Ember.

Question: Explain Application Template ?
Application Template is a default template that is used when your application starts.

Question: How you can create instances in Ember.js?
use create() method.

Question: What is Ember.Namespace.Class ?
It is used to define an object which contains other objects and data.

Question: Explain the role of adapter? Adapter queries the back end, each adapter is made up of particular back end.