Tuesday 8 April 2014

Facebook User Profile Get Custom Picture of Facebook User

Facebook User Profile Get Custom Picture of Facebook User

Today, Every one use the Facebook for social networking whether he is Student, Working Women, House wives, IT Professional or Business man etc. Everyone open Facebook account at-least once a day.

Due to huge use of Facebook profiles.  All Web application start integrate the Facebook plugins in their websites.
They Start using plugins like Registration, Like plugin, Comment box, Login/Logout functionalists and Chat implement.

Many times, we need to show the Profile pictures of Facebook users in web page. Sometimes you have to show the custom size of profile picture. If there is requirement of showing the custom images of profile user then you are very right place. Here we are giving you lot of example of custom size.

You can show the profile pictures in unlimited sizes. Just fill the height width parameter in URL and your profile picutre is ready. to show the Profile picture you need 1 parameter only and that is UID. UID is user id and facebook users and its unique.

If we have facebook profile Id, then we can get different facebook profile images with the following URLs.
Here [UID] is Facebook Profile Id and [WIDTH]/[HEIGHT] is width/height

Very Small Profile Image(50 X 50)
Very Small Profile Image(50 X 50)
Profile Thumbnail Profile Thumbnail
Large Profile Image (300 X 300)
Large Profile Image (300 X 300)

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