Friday 6 September 2013

jQuery datepicker first week monday

jQuery datepicker first week monday

jQuery DatePicker is a Plugin provided by, This date picker enable user to select the dates like Date of Birth, Date of joining and select two dates. It have excellent feature like change the date format of date, disable the selection of previous date, disable the selection of next year, show the dates picker in different languages like chinse. You can do the lot of custom changes. All custom changes are available in their website.

Now, many different countries use different date format like USA start date with month, Indian start date  with day and some country start date with year. This is 100% configurable in the jQuery plugin. you can set the dateFormat while creating the instance of date picker.

By default, the Datepicker opens in a small overlay onFocus and closes automatically onBlur or when a date is selected. For an inline calendar, simply attach the Datepicker to a div or span.

While creating the instance of datepicker, you can also change the what day of the week. You can start first day as Sunday OR Monday as per your requirement.n See the Following Example.

Change the first week from Sunday=>Monday 

Just set the firstDay:1 which is 0 by default
    changeMonth: true, 
    changeYear: true, 
    dateFormat: "mm/dd/yy", 
    firstDay: 1 

Another Example for multiple date option
    constrainInput: true,   // prevent letters in the input field
    minDate: new Date(),    // prevent selection of date older than today
    showOn: 'button',       // Show a button next to the text-field
    autoSize: true,         // automatically re-size the input field 
    altFormat: 'yy-mm-dd',  // Date Format used
    beforeShowDay: $.datepicker.noWeekends,     // Disable selection of weekends
    firstDay: 1 // Start with Monday