Wednesday 6 September 2017

jQuery naming convention - jQuery tutorial for beginner

JQuery A fast, concise, library that simplifies how to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and AJAX and do lot of more things in very simple and quick way..

For all this, Just include the jquery.js file.
<script src="//"></script>

jQuery naming convention - jQuery tutorial for beginner

JQuery most useful and very common functions used in the development
1) jQuery(this);// Current object
2) jQuery("p");// Select all the P tag
3)jQuery("");//Select all the P tag having class abc

4) jQuery("ul li:first");//select the first li of ul

5)jQuery("p").hide();// Hide the p tag

6) jQuery(document).ready(function(){

/*When you click the button first time, it will hide the div having class toggle and when click again will show.*/

7)jQuery("div#intro .head"); // select the class having "head" under div having id "intro"

8)jQuery("[hrefjQuery='.jpg']"); //select all href having link ending with jpg

9)jQuery("").append("greatinformations");;// Add the text "greatinformations" end the div having class abc

10) jQuery("").after("greatinformations"); /*Add the text "greatinformations" after the ending the div having class abc Enter code here.
Please note: Although no board code and smiley buttons are shown, they are still usable.*/

11)jQuery("div").animate({height:300},"slow"); //change all the div height to 300px

12) jQuery(this).css("background-color"); //get the background color of current html object

13)jQuery(this).css("background-color", 'blue' ); //set the background-color to blue of current html object

14)jQuery("div").animate({left:"100px"},"slow"); // Move the div to 100px

15)/*jQuery Callback:A callback function is executed after the current work is done eg. */

alert("The div is display now ");

16) jQuery("button.a").click(function(){
});  /* when click on button having class a will load the data from abc.text and upload to div */

17) jQuery("div").load('abc.txt','',function(){alert('hi')}); // after loading file abc.txt, alert the "hi"