Wednesday 1 April 2020

Laravel interview questions for 2 year experienced

Laravel interview questions for 2 year experienced

Question: How to get current route name and method name?
request()->route()->getName(); //Return route name
request()->route()->getActionMethod();//Return method name

Question: What do you mean by bundles?
Bundles are referred to as packages in Laravel. These packages are used to increase the functionality of Laravel.

Question: Explain important directories used in a common Laravel application.?
App/ : This is a source folder where our application code lives. All controllers, policies, and models are in this folder.
Config/ : Here are configuration files.
Database/: Houses the database files, including migrations, seeds, and test factories.
Public/: Publicly accessible folder holding compiled assets and of course an index.php file.

Question: Explain reverse routing in Laravel.
Reverse routing is a method of generating URL based on symbol or name. It makes your Laravel application flexible.

Question: Define Lumen?
Lumen framework is a smaller, and faster, version of a building Laravel based services, and REST API's.

Question: How can you generate URLs?
Laravel has helpers to generate URLs.

Question: Explain faker in Laravel?
It is a type of module or packages which are used to create fake data. This data can be used for testing purpose.

Question: List basic concepts in Laravel?
  1. Routing
  2. Eloquent ORM
  3. Middleware
  4. Security
  5. Caching
  6. Blade Templating

Question: What is Eloquent?
Eloquent is an ORM used in Laravel. It provides simple active record implementation working with the database.

Question: What is the use of DB facade?
DB facade is used to run SQL queries like create, select, update, insert, and delete.

Question: What is a session in Laravel?
Session is used to pass user information from one web page to another.
Support for cookie, array, file, Memcached, and Redis to handle session data.

Question: Explain to listeners?
Listeners are used to handling events and exceptions.

Question: What are policies classes?
Policies classes include authorization logic of Laravel application.

Question: What is an Observer? Observeris used to make clusters of event listeners for a model.
Method names of these classes depict the Eloquent event. Observers classes methods receive the model as an argument.

Question: What is the use of the bootstrap directory?
It is used to initialize a Laravel project. This bootstrap directory contains app.php file.

Question: Where will you define Laravel's Facades?
In Illuminate\Support\Facades namespace.

Question: Name databases supported by Laravel.
  1. MySQL
  2. SQLite
  3. SQL Server
  4. PostgreSQL

Question: What is the default session timeout duration?
2 hours.

Question: How to remove a complied class file?
Use clear-compiled command.

Question: In which folder robot.txt is placed?
Robot.txt file is placed in Public directory.