Monday 24 July 2017

Heroku tutorial - Basic understanding

Heroku  tutorial - Basic understanding

Question: What is Heroku?
Heroku is a cloud "platform as a service (PaaS)" supporting several programming languages that is used as a web application.

Question: Can we deploy the PHP Project in Heroku?
Yes, you can do. You can even deploy Java, nodeJs, Python and Go project also.

Question: What other programming language it support?
Ruby programming

Question:How many Apps created on Heroku?
13 million.

Question:How many services Heroku have?
150+ Add-on Services

Question: Is Heroku secure?
Yes, It is.

Question: What Heroku does?
Heroku is a platform for data as well as apps - providing a secure, scalable database-as-a-service.
It is million of developers tools like database followers, forking, dataclips and automated health checks.

Question: What is offical website of heroku?

Question: What are the steps to configure PHP Project?
  1. Introduction: Installed PHP, composer locally.
  2. Set up: a) Download the heroku CLI.
    b) Installed the CLI with Git.
    c) Login with heroku account.
  3. Prepare the app
  4. Deploy the app
  5. View logs
  6. Define a Procfile
  7. Scale the app
  8. Declare app dependencies
  9. Push local changes
  10. Provision add-ons
  11. Start an interactive shell
  12. Define config vars
  13. Provision a database