Sunday 8 December 2019

Difference between channel and playlist on youtube

Difference between channel and playlist on youtube

A channel is your identity on YouTube, like your name, where your upload videos.
A channel  is the home page for an your youtube account.

Question: What details are available on Channel page?
--- Basic information like Your Name, Account type etc.
--- Your public videos which you have uploaded.
--- Listing of playlist.

Question: What we can do on Channel page?
--- Update your information. --- upload videos.
--- customize the color theme of your channel.
--- Others can subscribe your channel.

Question: Sample of Youtbe Channel?

Question: What is playlist?
A playlist is a collection of videos you may saved.

Question: List of Playlist (After Login on with your account)

Create a New Playlist (After Login on youtube)
Click on "New Playlist", an popup will prompt, just add the your playlist name

Question: How to add videos in playlist?
Go to playlist page (Like
Click on "Add Videos" (Middle Right side).
An Popup will prompt.
Just add the YouTube video URL (Any video which you like) and follow Steps.

Question: What you can do with your playlist?
--- Make the playlist as public/private.
--- Add notes to each videos.
--- Re-ordering the videos.
--- AutoPlay on/off for videos.
--- Share your playlist on Fb.
--- Embed your playlist videos in your website/blog.

Question: Need Playlist Sample URL

Question: Can we earn money with playlist?
No, You can't earn money on other's video (Uploaded by other).
You can earn money with your own videos (uploaded by you)