Thursday 16 April 2015

Why error 524 a timeout occurred

Why error 524 a timeout occurred

This error is CloudFlare error that denoting your web page is loading slow, due to any of below reason.
  • Website is Slow.
  • Temporary internet is slow.
  • Some function in website is talking long time to respond.
  • Any of mysql-query is talking more time to respond.

 In this case either you need to
increase the performance of website
increase the max_execution_time on website.

What is meaning of this Error.
A 524 error states that CloudFlare was able to make a TCP connection to the origin(your website server location), but the origin server did not reply with a HTTP response before the connection timed out.
It means that CloudFlare is able to make a network connection with origin server (your website), but the origin server(webiste) took too long time to respond to the request.

If you get this error first time, then you can refresh the page OR open the website in another browser.

As we know, Most of time website execution limit is 30 seconds but if website is takes more time (more than 30 seconds) to reply, then cloudFlare did not wait and through 524 error.
This error comes when server is on cloudFlare.

If this issue persistent in your website and comes very often then you have to work hard on your website..

If this issue is coming many times then it means your website is loading very slow.
you need to optimize.

How to increase the Performance of website?
1. Optimize the application Flow.

2. Optimize the MySQLI Query.

3 - Make Fewer HTTP Requests (means Less Ajax Call)

4 - Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

5 - Add an Expires Header

6 - Gzip Components

7 - Put Stylesheets at the Top (CSS Files in head tag)

8 - Put Scripts at the Bottom (Js files in footer)

9 - Avoid CSS Expressions (e.g 100/2)

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