Monday, 6 October 2014

UNIX Commands

We have described UNIX Interview Questions And Answers, Ngonx Server, Crontab, Unix Basic Commands, VI Editor, Linux, Access Logs, SVN Important Commands, SVN Logs, GitHub in Window 7, Install Software on Linux, Yum Commands, Install/Uninstall software, Update Packages with help of code snippets.

UNIX Commands

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Ajeeth Kapoor said...


Thanks for highlighting this and indicating about UNIX Commands where more study and thought is necessary.

Unix popularized a syntax for regular expressions that found widespread
use in Unix bash
and shell scripts. But there are so many automation tools came in recently that pretty much automates all the batch job and scripts, so does it means the Unix scripts won't be used anymore?

Awesome! Thanks for putting this all in one place. Very useful!

Many Thanks,

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