Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Difference between WebService and API

Difference between WebService and API

Web Service
Interaction between two machines over a network. Interaction between two API.
Uses SOAP, REST, and XML-RPC as a means of communication. It may use any way to communication
Web Services involves calling of system. We can render form in one line, one by one element, element OR  decorator OR error separately.
Web service might not contain a complete set of specifications and sometimes might not be able to perform all the tasks that may be possible from a complete API. An API consists of a complete set of rules and specifications for a software program to follow in order to facilitate interaction.
All Web services are APIs All APIs are not Web services
A Web service always needs a network for its operation API doesn't need a network for its operation
WebServices are services available over internet. You can call these services and get so information in your application without know how it works. For example weather webservices gives you information about the city weather. API is a collection of class which provide you some functionality like Google api gives google-search.

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ARUN KUMAR said...

All Web services are APIs.
All APIs are not Web services.

API usually means RESTful (HTTP based).
Web Service usually means SOAP+WSDL (+HTTP or SMTP)

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