Tuesday 18 March 2014

Difference Between Zend framework 2 VS Zend framework 1

Zend framework is framework created by zend company who is owner of PHP. It means it is more reliable as compare to other framework and CMS. That's why most of people are using Zend for their project. 

It is lots of qualities and are below:

  1. Its created by zend.com - Owner of PHP.
  2. Most of the third party API like GData, PDF, AUth, ACL etc are available.
  3. They provide support .
  4. Time by time, Up-dation are available so that you get always best in the industry.
  5. Excellent tutorial is available not for current version but also for previous version.

Now, Zend have provided Version2 because they always provide better to the php developer. Zend2 has its own qualities. Now we have more reason to select zend in our project.

Before start working zend2 we should compare with zend1 and get to know pros/cons of zend2.

So, Here are few compare of Zend framework 2 VS Zend framework 1.

ZF1 is based on MVC (Model View Controller)
ZF2 is based on MOVE (Model Operations Views Events)

Class name in ZF1 was Zend_Db_Table for class in Zend/Db/Table.php 
Class name in ZF2 is Zend\Db\Adapter for class in Zend/Db/Table.php 

ZF1 was backed by Zend Technologies (and few other, unnamed).
ZF2 was backed by Zend Technologies, Google and Microsoft.

Size of installation:
30Mb for ZF1
2.5 for ZF2 (zipped)

PHP: ZF2 is 4 times slower than ZF1
Because ZF2 call more functions in background as compare to ZF1.
SQL: ZF2 is little  Faster than ZF1 

Compare Performance

  1. http://www.developerknowhow.com/zf1-vs-zf2/
  2. http://www.enrise.com/2012/02/zend-framework-2-performance/

For More detail, Please visit zend.com