Sunday 22 September 2013

Soap Interview Questions and Answers

Question:  Explain the SOAP?
Answer: SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. SOAP is an XML-based protocol for exchanging information between two computers over the internet. It enables you to Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) transported via HTTP.
Following are the SOAP characteristics. 
SOAP is for communication between applications
SOAP is a format for sending messages
SOAP is designed to communicate via Internet
SOAP is platform independent
SOAP is language independent
SOAP is simple and extensible

Question: Where is SOAP used?
Answer: It is used to exchanges the information between two computers over the internet. For this we used the XML in special format to send and receive the Information.

Question: Difference between XML and SOAP?
Answer: XML is language whereas SOAP is protocol. 

Question: Difference between JSON and SOAP?
Answer: JSON is standard to represent human-readable data.  SOAP is a protocol specification for transmitting information and calling web services use XML.

Question: What are the rules for using SOAP?

Question: What is SOAP Envelope Element?

Question: What does SOAP Namespace defines?
Answer: The namespace defines the Envelope as a SOAP Envelope. If a different namespace is used, the application generates an error and discards the message.

Question: What is the SOAP encodings?
Answer: The envelope specified the encoding for the body.  This is a method for structuring the request that is suggested within the SOAP specification, known as the SOAP serialization. It's worth noting that one of the biggest technical complaints against SOAP is that it mixes a specification for message transport with a specification for message structure.  

Question: What does SOAP encodingStyle Attribute defines?
Answer: The encodingStyle attribute is used to define the data types used in the document(s). This attribute may appear on any SOAP element, and applies to the element's contents and all child element(s).

Question: What are the Different Transport Protocols?
Answer:  SOAP, REST,  SMTP, raw TCP Socket.

Question: What is UML?
Answer: Unified Modeling Language

Question: can we send soap messages with attachments.
Answer: Yes, We can send photos/Audio/video with soap messages as an attahcment. SOAP messages can be attached with MIME extensions that come in multipart/related. It is used to send messages using the binary data with defined rules. The SOAP message is carried in the body part with the structure that is followed by the message of the SOAP.

Question: What is the difference between SOAP and other remote access techniques?
Answer: SOAP is simple to use and it is non-symetrical whereas DCOM or CORBA is highly popular and usually have complexity in them. It also has the symmetrical nature in it. 

Question: What are the problems faced by users by using SOAP?

Answer:  There is a problem to use this protocol as firewall is a security mechanism that comes in between. This ock all the ports leaving few like HTTP port 80 and the HTTP port is used by SOAP that bypasses the firewall. It is a serious concern as it can pose difficulties for the users. There are ways like SOAP traffic can be filtered from the firewalls.