Saturday 4 May 2013

Agile Software Development - Principle of Agile Software Development - Agile means quick in movement.

Agile is way to develop the software and satisfy the customer by delivering the product on time.

Following are the way of Agile Software development.
  • Develop functionality 1 => Integrate and test
  • Develop functionality 2 => Integrate and test
  • Develop functionality 3 => Integrate and test
  • Demo Release and Test
  • Get Client Feedback
  • Do the Changes
  • System Testing
  • All functionalists completed, Delivered to client else go ahead above process

Principle of Agile Software Development 
  • Satisfy the Customer
  • Welcome the changes by customer.
  • Delivered on time
  • Business people and developer must work together means proper communication between them.
  • face-to-face conversation between team members.
  • Continuous work, No gap in work