Thursday, 1 December 2016

Difference between channel and playlist on youtube

Difference between channel and playlist on youtube

A channel is your identity on YouTube, like your name, your upload videos and comment as well.
A channel  is the home page for an your account.

Question: What details on Available on home Channel page
--- Basic information like Your Name, Account type etc.
--- Your public videos which you have uploaded.
--- Listing of playlist.

Question: What we can do on on my Channel page
--- Update your information. --- upload videos.
--- customize the color theme of your channel.
--- Others can subscribe your channel.
Question: Sample of Channel?

Question: What is playlist?
A playlist is a collection of videos you may saved.

Question: List of Playlist (After Login on youtube.com with your gmail.com account)

Create a New Playlist (After Login on youtube)
Click on "New Playlist", an popup will prompt, just add the your playlist name

Question: How to add videos in playlist?
Go to playlist page (Like https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLREKFLRZTg5xJJHmLiKZ0VBTKpubGXksb).
Click on "Add Videos" (Middle Right side).
An Popup will prompt.
Just add the YouTube video URL (Any video which you like) and follow Steps.

Question: You can do following things with your playlist
--- Make the playlist as public/private.
--- Add notes to each videos.
--- Re-ordering the videos.
--- AutoPlay on/off for videos.
--- Share your playlist on Fb.
--- Embed your playlist videos in your website/blog.
Question: Need Playlist Sample URL

Question: Can we earn money with playlist? No, You can't earn money on other's video (Uploaded by other).
You can earn money with your own videos (uploaded by you)

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