Friday, 4 December 2015

How to install MongoDB install on window 7

How to install MongoDB install on windows 7

Follow the Following Simple Steps.
  1. First, get to know window Version (32bit OR 64 Bit) of your system.

    Get window Version (32bit OR 64 Bit)of your system
  2. Now, download the of  MongoDb as per your system from http://www.mongodb.org/downloads

    For window32, 
    I have download from following links:
    https://www.mongodb.org/dl/win32/i386 (Download Links List)
    http://downloads.mongodb.org/win32/mongodb-win32-i386-3.0.7.zip (Download this one)
  3. un-Zip the downloaded zipped-file.
  4. Copy the unzipped folder and move to c drive:
  5. Now create  location of MongoDb database.
    Lets create folder like below: d:/mongodb/data
  6. Now Execute following command from bin folder of mongodb (path: C:\mongodb-win32-i386-3.0.7\bin) From Command Prompt.
    To Set the database folder path
    mongod.exe --dbpath "d:\mongodb\data"

    MongoDb database setup
  7. Now Execute following commands.

    MongoDb start working

  8. Now here you can type mongodb commands.
  9. Now here you can try the commands.


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  2. Error:
    MongoDB cannot start server: The default storage engine 'wiredTiger' is not available with this build of mongod

    mongod --storageEngine=mmapv1 --dbpath "c:\data\db"
    (c:\data\db MUST EXIST)

  3. MongoDB Installtion.

    Just download the .msi and executee the file. - Installation Done