Wednesday, 19 October 2016

What is NodeJS API wrapper?

What is NodeJS API wrapper?

Question: What is NodeJS API wrapper?
It is RESTful services which is integrated within NodeJS.
With use the these RESTful services, we can integrate third party modules in our nodeJS application.

Question: How can use NodeJS API wrapper in our application?
Just download the source code using npm command and use it.

For Example
npm install --save google

Question: Give Few Examples of NodeJS API wrapper?
Following are few examples which provide API Wrapper to use them:
  1. Braintree provide API so that we can integrate paypment stuff, In NodeJS application.

    Offical Website: https://developers.braintreepayments.com
    API Wrapper Purpose: Integrate braintree in nodeJS application
  2. Ipinfodb provide API so that we can get client detail using Ip Address, In NodeJS applicaton.
    Offical Website: http://www.ipinfodb.com/
    API Wrapper Purpose: Get client details like city, state, address, and zip etc using Ip Address.
  3. Google provide API wrapper to get search results from google.com
    Offical Website: https://gooogle.com
    API Wrapper Purpose: Get search Results from google.com

Question: From where we can find all NodeJS Wrappers?

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