Friday, 12 October 2012

What is Mysql

What is Mysql?
MySQL operates in a networked environment using a client and server architecture. The central program acts as a server, and various request made to server  is client.

What are Client programs?
Communicating with the server to manipulate information.The following list of client programs:
  • MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Administrator.
  • All mysql is a command-line program.
What are three layer of Mysql Architecture?
Following are 3 layer of Mysql Architecture
  1. Application Layer: It represents the interface for all type of users, The user who is interacting with databases.
    • Sophisticated User
    • Specialized User
    • Naive User
    • Database Administrators
  2. Logical Layer: Core functionality of RDBMS is represented in the logical layer.
  3. Physical Layer: It is responsible for the storage of variety of information and that are following.
    • Data Files: It store user data
    • Data dictionaryr: store metadata about the structure of the database.
    • Statistical Data: Statistical information about the data
    • Log Information: Keep the track of query information.

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