Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Joomla Interview Questions and Answers

Question: What is Joomla?

joomla interview questions
Joomla is a CMS (Content Management System), used for  publishing content over the internet. User management, Content Management (like Artilces), Images mangement, Global configuration etc all inbuilt. Install and use the software.

Question: What are mambots and plugins?
Answer: A Mambot is a small, task-oriented function that intercepts content before it is displayed and manipulates it in some way. Joomla! provides a number of Mambots in the core distribution, e.g. WYSIWYG editors.In Joomla! 1.5 mambots will be renamed plugins.

Question: What are Positions?
Answer: Site templates divides the page into number of positions, each with a different name. Positions are like top, bottom, nav, header, footer, module1, module2. You can also create/update the positions from the template.

Question: What are section, categories and content items?
Answer: Contents are the html pages that is managed by admin, It may have rich text, images, css, javascript, links to internal or external pages.
Contents are categorized in categories. Means 1 category have zero or more contents pages.
Categories are categorized in section. Means 1 section have zero or more categories.

Question: Why use Joomla?
Answer: Following are benfits to use Joomla

  • It is OpenSource means download & modified at free of cost.
  • It is CMS, You can add different types of content in same or different category can be added and published on your website.
  • Thousands of Free components are available in extensions.joomla.org/
  • User Modules, User Role and permission are in built with joomla.
  • It follow MVC 
  • You can also update your old joomla from admin section.
  • Easy to development websits in joomla.
  • Various template are available at free of cost and can apply within one click.

Question: What are plugins/mambots?
Answer: These are small independent script which you can embed in your components or modules.
 It works only with some components or modules for example cck editor etc.

Question: What are Joomla modules?
Answer: Modules are small content items that can be displayed anywhere in website  by assigning positions in template.
It can be manage by module manager in admin section, there  you can install / uninstall your modules.
Few modules are Main Menu, Top menu, Template Chooser, Polls, Newsflash, Hit Counter, etc.

Question: How do I change the favicon?
Answer: You can manage favicon from configuration in Admin Section. you can upload a new favicon.

Question: What are positions in Joomla?
Answer: Site templates divides the “pages” displayed on a site into a series of positions, each
with a different name.
You can view the location of positions in your default template from the
administrator go to Site =>Preview=>Inline with Positions.
You can annotate your positions through the administrator. Go to Site=>Template Manage=>Module Positions.
You can add or remove positions by modifying your template html.

Question: What type of website, We can easily build in Joomla using extension/modules?
  1. Inventory control systems
  2. Data reporting tools
  3. Application bridges
  4. Custom product catalogs
  5. Integrated e-commerce systems
  6. Complex business directories
  7. Reservation systems
  8. Communication tools